Stefan Killen

Stefan Killen

One of the new services we’re excited to offer at Red+Company is the design and production of books for artists, collectors, and galleries. To illustrate what these could look like we’ve produced a 100 page book of my own drawings and paintings from the last 36 years. Some of the work was made in high school and college but mostly it’s gathered from notebooks I’ve kept since I was 18.

As with the books we’ve produced of my pinhole photography this book was created in InDesign using Blurb’s excellent Book Creator interface. The completed mechanical was uploaded to the print-on-demand company and they delivered a high-quality, bound book within two weeks. Their costs for producing such books ranges from roughly $30 to $100, depending on the book size, page count, and binding choices.

In addition to artists, collectors, and galleries, this service may also be of interest to individuals or companies looking to document non-art collections, products, or events, whether for personal, professional, or business reasons. In addition to producing this book of my own art as a showcase for our new business services I was also strongly motivated by the desire to document the work for my children, so they could have a record of some of the fine art work I had done.

Give us a call to discuss how we can help you document your own work.

  • Client Stefan Killen
  • Date June 2, 2016
  • Tags Book Covers, Book Interiors, Fine Art

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