Greenwood Publishing

Greenwood Publishing

In addition to designing over 1,000 book covers we’ve also designed and produced close to 100 catalogs and any number of other marketing material for our many publishing clients. Over the course of a particularly busy and fruitful relationship with the Greenwood Publishing Company and its imprints Praeger and Libraries Unlimited, we  designed and produced more than two dozen catalogs and other collateral material for their marketing department. Some pieces were one color, some two colors, many four-colors; some were simple brochures, some 24 page “slim jims”, others 75-page beasts. In all cases, we designed the catalogs and carried the production from receipt of text and images through to delivery of print-ready PDF files.

Over the course of twenty years we’ve produced a similarly large volume and variety of catalogs and marketing collateral for The Crossroad Publishing Company, The Continuum Publishing Company, St. Martin’s Press/Palgrave, and Hidden Springs. In all cases we worked closely with the publisher’s marketing departments which, because of their experience, tend to be very tightly run ships.

Production of catalogs requires a completely different set of design muscles than working on a book cover or an identity package. There’s no poetry, no conceptualizing, no idea development and experimentation, no lingering over ideas. It’s careful, methodical work that requires a laser-like attention to detail and solid blocks of time. And in order to work at anything faster than a snail’s pace it also requires knowing the production software — once QuarkXPress, now InDesign — like the back of your hand.

  • Client The Greenwood Publishing Company
  • Date January 15, 2016
  • Tags Book Catalogs, Print Collateral

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