Michael J. Casey

Michael J. Casey

I’ve collaborated with branding and marketing talent Mary Olson for close to 15 years, most recently on a small but impactful website for author, public speaker, and MIT Media Lab advisor Michael J. Casey. Michael is a bestselling author, public speaker, educator, and pathfinder with several decades in journalism, business, and academia. He has made a career out of communicating the significant technological, geopolitical, economic, and social trends that impact businesses, communities, and individuals. 

In beginning our collaboration with Michael we spoke at length with him about his goals and requirements for the new website and branding. Together we identified and clarified the depth and value of his work and spheres of influence — as a pathfinder, educator, public speaker, author, and journalist. Building the site around these spheres, both on the landing page and the interior pages, provides users with a site structure that powerfully and clearly communicated the breadth of Michael’s work.

In designing the Squarespace website we had two goals — to express Michael’s intelligence, energy, and value as a global thought leader visually, and to give visitors a user experience that was not only clear and intuitive but also consistent with his “brand.” As in all our work, we insisted that every detail of the site’s content — its design, language, and photography —should point towards a clear experience of Michael’s brand. The site’s clean, minimalist design and large black and white photography strip away any unnecessary decoration, emphasizing the authenticity and intelligence of Michael’s brand, while the highlight greens point to his contemporary positioning and accessibility.

The site provides an authentic experience of an influential thought leader whose insight into our technological, geopolitical, economic and social future offers us all a path forward. 

  • Client Michael J. Casey
  • Date February 27, 2019
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