Carol Lipnik

Carol Lipnik

Coney Island native Carol Lipnik approached us while she was working on her 2014 CD, Almost Back to Normal, to see if we could take a pinhole photo of her for the CD cover. She wanted a moody and etherial portrait to accompany her haunting and humorous songs and thought a pinhole photo would work perfectly. We discussed her ideas for the photo and quickly agreed to work together.

Over the course of two lengthy sessions in our Brooklyn studio we took 120 portraits of Carol. We worked quickly and loosely with the props and costumes stylist Machine Dazzle brought, casting a wide net as we explored the humorous, weird, and beautiful ways they contributed to the characters and moods in Carol’s songs. Hands figured in many of the portraits, partly because they are so expressive but also because of ways in which they played off of words and images in the music.

To our delight we also ended up designing the packaging for Carol’s CD. We explored a handful of the portraits and eventually settled on five of them for a design that draws on some of the classic album covers of the 1960s and 1970s New York City music scene.

“What separates Ms. Lipnik from every other conjurer of the otherworldly is her phenomenal voice. With a four-octave range, impeccable pitch and several distinct personalities within that voice, Ms. Lipnik evoked singers as disparate as Diamanda Galás, Maude Maggart, Yma Sumac and the yodeling Joni Mitchell. Her instrument is, in a word, phenomenal.” —Stephen Holden, The New York Times

  • Client Carol Lipnik
  • Date May 2, 2016
  • Tags CD Design, Photography
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